Our chef

Lucia, our chef and cooking teacher, combines creative ability and natural talents with a single goal: the taste. Combines the flavors and traditional cooking skills in a clear commitment to modernity and style that has led to the kitchen of our country to be a benchmark in the international culinary scene. Technique, creativity and style come together in wonderful and innovative dishes. A delight for your senses.


Take a look

Quality and innovation are its hallmarks. Come and learn a little more about the professional experience and specialties of our great cooking teacher.

Our Chef recommends to try the following dishes as a special suggestion:

-Salad Chef (lettuce, cheese, nuts, cherry Tomatico, goat cheese, chutney, dehydrated fried onions)

-Delicias de Camemberg and tomato reduction.

-Tosta Azohía. Foie toast with caramelized apple.

-Solomillo de ternera al foie y salsa de cocholate

- "Tarta Cartagenera".

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